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How To Get Your Commercial Pilot License?

Becoming a pilot brings with it a wonderful sense of accomplishment, plus you will have the opportunity to traverse the globe whenever you please! But before you can make these dreams a reality, you have to get your pilot license. Working as a pilot will be a rewarding career. Those who take the first step in studying aviation often continue their training to become a commercial pilot.

In order to become a commercial pilot, several steps need to be accomplished first. While it may take time and commitment, these are well worth the efforts once you start soaring high piloting a plane!

Steps In Becoming A Pilot In The USA

As you begin your journey to becoming a pilot, you will have to gain several certificates and ratings. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to make things clear and easy to understand. This way, you will not miss any crucial steps. You can also contact Berz Flight Training at for further questions or inquiries.

Step 1: Attain Your Private Pilot License

The first thing you need to accomplish towards getting your commercial pilot license is to earn a private pilot certificate. With this certification, you can start piloting a single-engine airplane. Training here will focus on the basics, setting the foundation for more advanced ratings and certifications to come.

Step 2: Earn Your Instrument Rating

Once you have a private pilot license, the next step is to earn an instrument rating. Pilots achieve the instrument rating through intensive training focused on flying solely by the guide of instruments. Such a skill is the most valuable rating you can add to your pilot certificate, plus it is an exciting pilot discipline in flight training.

Pilots who are proficient in instrument use can fly from one point to another without having to look out the window aside from take-off and landing. On the practical side, such training comes in handy when the need to fly in adverse weather. With that, you won’t get caught off-guard should things turn stormy. You’ll know what to do and be able to maintain safety.

Step 3: Advance To A Commercial Pilot Certificate

Earning your commercial pilot certificate will legally allow you to be paid for flying. Before you can advance to this, you will need to meet the following experience requirements:

Step 4: Garner A Flight Instructor Certificate

After you complete all the requirements and gain your commercial pilot certificate, you can now get a Flight Instructor Certificate. With this, you become a certified flight instructor, which helps build flight experience quickly to meet the corporate hiring minimums of airlines. You can also use this to earn a living as you progress while working to meet that experience requirement.

Step 5: Get A Multi-Engine Rating

If you are aiming to fly a large passenger aircraft, getting a multi-engine rating is essential. This certificate will allow you to fill commercial plains, another minimum hiring requirement for an advanced career in aviation. The multi-engine rating will enable you to become the pilot in command of any aircraft, even if more than one engine. Having this rating will dramatically increase your marketability in the field of aviation, making it easier to land your dream job.

Step 6: Work Towards More Experience

Flight instruction is a quick way to start gaining the experience needed to meet the requirements for the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP). The ATP is the highest level of certification and is your stepping stone to a professional pilot job. Commercial pilots are required to complete 1,500 hours of total flight time before getting this certification.

Step 7: Apply For Your Dream Job!

After meeting all the necessary requirements and gaining your ATP, you are now eligible to fly for the airline of your choice!

Let’s Get You Started!

Now that you know what is needed to become a commercial airline pilot, it’s time to get started! Here at Berz Flight Training, we can walk you through the steps towards achieving your goal. Our coaches have over 30 years of experience in the field of aviation. With that, Berz Flight Training coaches can offer you expert training with the assurance of safety, procedure, and certification!